Four Restaurants In Grand Prairie TX That You Might Want To Enjoy

Four Restaurants In Grand Prairie TX That You Might Want To Enjoy

Now we are headed back to Grand Prairie, Texas, and we are going to take a look at some top restaurants in that city. Just like with Arlington, there are about 700 establishments to choose from. This gives you tons of choices, in which case my picks should help you out. You don’t want to end up eating at the one that ranks #700 on the list, do ya? Let’s get to looking at some of the best restaurants in Grand Prairie TX.

Mixed Up Burgers is one of the top places in Grand Prairie, and it is found on East Avenue K. According to the signage, you should actually be looking for Patty Shack Burgers. They might have undergone a name change. Either name sounds cool to me, and this is a top ranked establishment in the city. Talk about one of the best places to get a burger in Grand Prairie, Texas, and they have all kinds of combinations. In fact, they mix one of their burgers with pineapple according to the reviews.

Pioneer Restaurant is also a top spot, and it is found on 109th Street. This brunch spot serves up delicious biscuits and all kinds of great foods that you might be looking for to get your day started. Reviews mention that they serve up generous portions, so don’t get too carbed up now. You want to still be able to move after breakfast or brunch.

Aspen Creek Grill is up next, and it is located on West Airport Fairway. One look at the menu highlights for this place, and you would be in the mood. They serve up pizza, ribs, steak and fried cheesecake. The menu highlights also mention a delicious Hawaiian chicken. Give me some ribs, fried cheesecake and a slice of the community pizza for the table please.

I don’t know about you, but all of this food talk is making me hungry. You haven’t left for a restaurant in Grand Prairie yet? Maybe this last on will be the pick that gets you. How about Crazee Crab? It can be found on South State Highway, and it is of course all about seafood. If you have yet to ever try gator bites, this is your chance. That makes me think of Louisiana, where they like to out gators in their gumbo. Stop by one of these four top Grand Prairie restaurants and enjoy a good meal.

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