Dating on a dime: budget friendly places for a date

Dating on a dime: budget friendly places for a date

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Hammocking on Campus

Perfect for those who live in the dorms, hammocking offers students a way to enjoy nature without ever leaving campus. Jayce Scott, construction science junior, said his favorite place to take his hammock is Academic Plaza. “It’s inexpensive, and both girls and guys really love it,” Scott said. “Just get a hammock, set it up on a nice branch, and you’re good to go.”

Escape Room BCS

Thrill-seekers and mystery-lovers alike will love the challenges the Escape Room has to offer. Located on Harvey Road, The Escape Room challenges you to escape a locked room in a set time limit using only.

“You get to see how creative people can get finding different keys and objects to help you escape from the room,” Rachel Evans, agricultural leadership and development sophomore, said. “It’s honestly the best way to get to know someone because you have to use your teamwork skills to get out.”

Rooftop of West Campus Garage

One of campus’s best-kept secrets, watching the sunset on top of West Campus Garage is the ideal way to relax after a busy day of class and is easy for students to access the perfect view of Kyle Field.

“Either sun-up or sunset,” Miriam Camarillo, recreation parks and tour- ism junior, said. “Maybe even sun up with a guy that likes worshipping and doing a Bible study with your significant other at sunup on the rooftop. That would be neat. Definitely not during winter though. That would suck. If it was sunset, I would like to picnic there as well.”

U Paint It

This paint-your-own pottery studio located on Harvey Road allows painters to produce their own one-of-a-kind keepsake, according to Evans. From bowls to picture frames and everything in between, U Paint It has multiple ceramic pieces available to be customized.

“It is relatively affordable and you get to see each other’s creative sides and make fun of your own drawings,” Evans said. “I’ve done it on multiple dates and every single time it ended up being so much fun.”

Cold Stone Creamery

Whether you began your date hammocking in Academic Plaza or tore up the ice at Spirit Ice Arena, Cold Stone on Texas Avenue is a great place to end your night with your Valentine.

“You can get ice cream and make awesome memories for about $10,” Scott said.

Lick Creek Park

Located on Rock Prairie Road in south College Station, Lick Creek Park has something to offer for everyone. The 516-acre park contains picnicking areas, several miles of trails and a brand new nature center.

“It’s neat to do something along the lines of a hike without having to leave town,” Camarillo said.

Grand Station

College Station’s largest entertainment venue, located off of Highway 6, includes an arcade, laser tag, bowling and other activities for students to unwind and have a great time.

Camarillo said she loves going to Grand Station for their daily specials and wide variety of entertainment.

“It’s really fun to go from laser tag over to bowling to arcade,” Camarillo said. “It allows people to be a little goofier.”

Cinemark Movie Theater

College students who enjoy visiting the movie theater frequently can catch the latest box office hit at a fraction of the price.

“They have awesome college deals for the movies. Just show your ID and you can get a movie discount,” Scott said.

Spirit Ice Arena

Spirit Ice Arena is a local ice skating rink by Post Oak Mall that offers group skating classes, A&M Hockey events and group parties. College students are perhaps most familiar with Date Night on Thursdays from 8-10 p.m., where tickets are purchased at two for the price of one.

Scott said he met his girlfriend Kyra Hamilton, communication sophomore, in the A&M Ice Skating class and enjoys going back to reminisce about when they first met.

“They turn the lights down low and have cool songs playing,” Scott said. “It’s really a really cute date spot to go on a Thursday night.”

Hey Sugar

Just beyond Texas A&M University Gardens Apartments, Hey Sugar recently opened up in Century Square and serves several thousand types of candy and over 250 sodas.

“They have all sorts of candy and sodas from all over the world, and even have some candies that were popular when we were kids and aren’t in many stores today,” Evans said.

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