Use stencil to get the appropriate camo rifle

Camo rifle is used by soldiers and army men. There are various reasons why camo rifle these days have become popular. One of the most popular reasons is to conceal the rifle so as to mislead the opposition or enemy. Most of the soldiers in the border, as well as those shooters in the forest, prefer using these camouflaged rifles. These have been designed by the environment where there are to be used. Customizing the rifles is also fun and exciting. This makes the rifles different from each other. There are readily camouflaged rifles available as well as there are many people who like to design and paint their own to make these own. Painting your rifle gives a better finish as well as prevents the rifle from damage.

For those who want to design their camo rifle, there is user-friendly guide for them-

  • Before sitting to paint the rifle, you must arrange for all the ingredients which are needed for designing a camouflaged rifle. Some of the items required are masking tape, degreaser in the form of acetone, clean rags, razor blaze, spray paint, stencils of designing, blow dryer, and nitrile gloves. There are different paints which are available to paint these rifles. The colors need to be designed according to the environment one with function with it. The surrounding and the season are detrimental in deciding the paint colors and the pattern. Most army men prefer khaki, brown and green combination. For those who want to give the pattern to their rifle stencils can be used. Cardboard, paper cutting, leaves, and grasses work great as stencils.
  • Choose the place where the job should be done. Choosing a well-ventilated place like- outdoor is the best place. Outdoors are recommended for better light and air. The paint needs to dry, and you need to see what you are painting. However, if outdoor is not suitable garage or balcony is recommended.

The process of painting is simple. With the help of a paint touch or spray paint just paint the whole rifle. Allow it to dry. Do not proceed before it dries and it gives a dirty look and uneven texture. Keep in the sun and airy space for quick drying. After the paint has dried off, stenciling should be done. Match your stenciling by taking the rifle outdoor to compare it with the surrounding. Finally, get hold of the camo rifle.

The different patterns of Camo rifle available

The camouflaged rifle is being increasingly used these days. Most of the army men have voted for camo rifle as they can be carried easily without letting the enemy know of its existence. These days most hunters are giving up their black pistols and rifles in exchange, wanting for camo rifle. The patterns of camo rifle are endless. One needs just to think and run their imagination and get hold of their camo rifles. Whether you are stationed in the snow clad hills or the desert region getting camo rifles for the purpose is easily possible. The airbrushed camo rifles when in action totally get mixed with the surrounding without letting enemies know where the bullets are being fired.  This helps to fight and to attack the enemies more successful.

Some of the common patterns of camo rifle are:-

  • Striped
  • Barbed wire
  • Bengal tiger
  • Fall
  • Razor wire
  • Rhodesian
  • Snow
  • Viper Skulls
  • Signature
  • Woodland

The snow camo rifle or the artic rifle used in the snow by hunters is very popular. The white printed pattern on the camouflaged rifle has been designed to mix with the snow without anyone understanding its existence. There are various places from where these snow camo rifles can be got. However, those who are capable enough they can also design their rifle with these DIY tricks. Designing a winter rifle is inexpensive.

Here is list of certain items which are required:-

  • White paint
  • Spray machine
  • Cleaner
  • Rags
  • Stencils

First and foremost the parts of the gun need to be disassembled. After disassembly, the parts need to be thoroughly cleaned so that there are no grease and oil attached to it. Then begin with the camouflaging. Suspend the rifle from a height so that you can paint all sides evenly. There are various companies which have high-quality paint. With the help of a spray machine evenly spray the white colors to the gun. See that you cover each and every nook and corner. The bends require special attention. Stencils are needed if you want to give it a more realistic look. Before you cover with the stencil, make sure that the first coat has dried up. Do not proceed before it dries. Blow dryer helps in the quicker drying of the paint.

This will help you get the perfect artic camo rifle ready.

Get your camo rifle without the need to paint it

You will be shocked to hear when you will hear that you too can get your camo rifle without the need to paint it. You will say that it’s not possible. But then that’s the truth. You can get your camo rifle of your desired pattern just the way you wanted it, without spending extra money or extra time. With the new inventory of bandage wraps which are easily available at a throwaway price, you can get your camo rifle.

Bandage wraps is a new concept which has stopped people from going the long hard way of painting their rifles and them keeping it too dry for hours. These bandages are customized, and they are available in different patterns. Whether you want a barbered wire print on your rifle, or you prefer the khaki green rifle for yourself, you are free to choose and stick the wrap around the rifle.

Advantages of having adhesive bandages for the camo rifles-

  • Since the bandage wrap is of hard material the rifle gets saved from debris, sand, and dust
  • Provides extra padding and insulation to the rifle
  • Gives better grip to the rifle
  • Conceals reduces glares and protects
  • The adhesive wraps can be washed with soap and water
  • Not time-consuming
  • Application procedure is simple and easy
  • Does not involve any mess
  • No extra time needed for drying like in case of painting the camo rifle
  • Natural and realize look with great finish

Use of the bandage wraps

The adhesive bandage wraps can not only use to camouflage the rifles but has many uses. It can be used to wrap the torches, the guns, the pistols, binoculars and other scopes.

Some of the most common printed patterns of camo wraps which are available are –

  • Standard dessert
  • Different mossy oak variations
  • Digital Dessert
  • Artic Snow
  • Army digital

Applying and removal of the bandages are more than simple and baby’s job. You just have to cover the gear carefully without any gaps, and you are ready to use your gear. However, thorough cleaning of the gear must be done before sticking on the gear. Clean the weapon nicely so that the adhesive sticks tight and not loosely, as adhesive do not stick on dirty surfaces.

Removal is as simple. From the edge, just peel of the wrap and you get your old rifle back in seconds.

Camo rifles skin removal is an easy process

Camo rifle is a recent trend. As soon as the gunmen are allotted duty, according to their location gun and rifles are colored and pattern. There are various reasons for covering them with different skins. While one is for misleading the enemy, other reasons are to protect the rifle from the water. Skins that are put on while camouflaging protect the rifle from rains and also extremes of climatic condition. It also protects the rifles from dust particles. The skin prevents the entry of such dirt and allows the rifle from functioning efficiently.

However, gunmen are not stationed in one single location throughout their lifetime. Their locations are changed and also the seasons change. As there are changes which are happening, the camo rifle also needs a change. Here is a relieving news- you can remove the skin which you can paint to give a new look and doing it is pretty simple.

The peeling of the paint from the camo rifle is simple.

  • Heat

While applying and drying the paint to the camo rifle required heat, removal also needs heat. When drying the paint if is always instructed that one should use a blow dryer. The blow dryer gives out warm air which helps in drying faster. Since the camo rifles are covered with vinyl and vinyl gets affected by heat, heating removes the skin. As when drying we press the skin, while removal of skin you need not presses

  • Peeling

As soon as heat is utilized to the old camo rifle skin, the vinyl becomes elastic. As it becomes soft and expandable, use a sharp knife to easily lift the skin. As the skin is removed, move on with the peeling of the skin.

Apply heat as and when necessary and repeat the process of lifting and peeling of the skin. This way you can remove the old skin and then proceed with the application of new skin.

There are many reviews which come that camouflaging the rifles has adverse effects on the rifles performance. However, this is not the case. Camouflaging does not have anything to do with the internal functioning of the rifle. After removing the skin, you also see that the rifle remains untouched of any damage. Rather the skin keeps the rifle protected as it prevents entry of fine particulate matters.